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We adopt safe practices and also want to promote a healthy tree for your property. 

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Best Tree Topping Services in Little Rock

You may have searched for tree topping services in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.  We understand you may have trees that are growing very large on your property, and we want to help to reduce the size of the tree for you.

Our tree services also include pruning and topping trees, removing the stump, and removal of any dead wood.

What is Tree Topping Service?

Tree topping is the process of removing the top of a live tree so that the tree can be removed, felled and cut to size. 

Tree topping is commonly done at the end of winter or early spring, when there is not a risk of weather conditions that would make the tree fall on equipment, or in the event of a storm or ice storm.

The most common method for doing this is with an aerial lift. This involves attaching chains from the bucket of the machine to the trunk of the tree, then lifting it up into position where it will be able to be safely cut down.

Once the tree has been lifted high enough, the operator cuts through the branches using either hand-held saws or chain saws mounted on the boom arm of the machine.

After cutting the tree down, the operator lowers it back onto its base.

Healthy Alternative To Tree Topping

Most arborist do not recommend to just cut the top of the tree off to reduce its size as it could mean more work and actually is unhealthy for the tree over time. 

As a tree care professional, we adhere to the ANSI A300 practices for tree care, so we don’t top trees unless we are going to fell the entire tree.  We adopt safe practices and also want to promote a healthy tree for your property. 

This means less work, money & concerns as the tree matures further.

Here are some effects of tree topping that you need to be aware of when trees are topped.

Topping Causes Stress For The Tree

Trees are the most important part of a landscape. They provide shade, beauty and wildlife habitat. But they also have to be healthy in order for them to perform their best.

A tree’s health is determined by its ability to withstand environmental stresses such as drought or insects & have ample access to a food supply.

The act of tree topping can cause trees to become stressed, which leads to problems like disease, insect infestation, poor growth and even death.

The purpose of this tree pruning service is to remove all branches from the trunk of the tree before it begins growing again during the summer months to keep tree healthy.

This allows for more efficient harvesting later in the year and overall health of tree. It also prevents damage to machinery used to harvest trees by reducing the number of limbs which may break off as they are being harvested.

Tree Topping and Rotting & Decay

The top of a tree is the most exposed part to sunlight and wind. It’s also where insects, birds, squirrel,  and other wildlife can get at it. Cutting the tree at the top leaves exposed wood.

This “open wound” will eventually start to rot and decay from exposure from the elements as the tree is unable to heal itself from a wound this large.  To keep trees healthy, it is necessary to limit the pruning of normal branches and shape it gently.  Our experts are trained on all aspects of tree health.

Topping Makes Trees Unsightly

The top of a tree is the most visible part, and it’s also one that can be damaged by insects or disease. The best way to protect your trees from these problems is to top a tree that has serious damage.

Trees are beautiful things – they provide shade for us in our yards, add beauty to our landscapes, and even help clean the air we breathe.  Our professional tree services will help maintain the curb appeal and beauty of your yard or property.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

There are two primary reasons why it is important for homeowners to have a tree service company do the work around their home.

First, it is important to have an expert do the job to make sure you are dealing with experienced, licensed, and insured professional arborists.

Second, it is a very dangerous task for most homeowners who are inexperienced in this area of safe removal of trees or beneficial methods of pruning.

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Tree Topping Safety Issues

The following is a list of safety concerns that as a DIY homeowner you should be aware of with tree topping.

It does not include all possible dangers, but it should give you an idea about the potential risks involved in this activity.

Hazards Associated With Tree Topping

Falling Trees

The most common hazard associated with tree top removal is falling trees. This can be caused by improper or inadequate equipment and/or operator error.

High Winds

Windy conditions are often present during the summer months when tree tops must be removed. These winds may cause branches to break off from weakened limbs.

Electrical Issues

Electricity poses a serious risk if proper precautions aren’t taken around power lines.

We take this stress away as we are professional in this area and have years of experience dealing with this type of tree maintenance.

Why Do You Need To Top Your Trees?

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. I think it is because of the recent trend in tree care that has seen many people cutting down their trees and then topping them with new growth, or even just leaving them bare for winter.

This practice can be very damaging to our forests as well as being unsightly. It also means we are losing valuable nutrients from these trees which will have an impact on future generations.

Trust your beautiful trees with our complete tree service business to keep up your attractive trees.

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