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What is Tree Service? Types of Tree Service & Providers Explained

Trees are what give life to our planet, and without them we would be nothing. They provide shade, oxygen, food for animals, and they help keep the air clean. 

Tree service is important because it helps care for these beautiful organisms that make our world what it is today.

What is tree service?

Tree service is the maintenance of trees that helps them live longer and stay healthy. Tree service also helps keep your yard free of clutter caused by dead wood from fallen branches or limbs.

There are many different types of tree service and providers. Keep in mind what it is you need and what your goal is with your trees, before choosing a company to hire or performing a service on your own.

Here’s how to know!

Types of Tree Service

Tree trimming – Pruning and shaping healthy Trees

Tree pruning is the act of removing branches and leaves from trees to preserve the tree’s health. When done correctly, tree pruning will not harm wildlife such as birds that live in your yard.

The issue is that what you’re doing when pruning a tree and what people think they are doing are two different things. People think of it as taking away branches to create what we call ‘the shape.’

However, tree pruning increases the health and well-being of your trees as well as prevent disease, insect infestation, and adequately maintained trees are more resistant to storm damage.


Regular pruning will keep trees from drooping over power lines or blocking driveways by balancing out the canopy.

Most tree service companies offer free estimates for tree trimming and pruning services.

Tree Topping or Drop Crotching

If you have large trees in your yard, and they’re becoming a nuisance by blocking sunlight from reaching the ground or by sticking out too far, consider tree topping. This process involves trimming multiple branches to reduce its height

However, drop crotching is typically a better option than tree topping if you want your tree to stay healthy and beautiful.

Drop-crotching is a type of thinning that includes cutting down the tree’s main branch (or leader) to lower its size by chopping at an angle parallel with one of the remaining lateral branches.

Drop crocheting is a reliable method to help trees stay healthy and beautiful while controlling the height and reach of your trees.

Tree removal

Trees that are diseased or posing an imminent danger should be removed as soon as possible

There are two parts of tree removal. 

  1. Cutting them down, and 
  2. Getting rid of the stump

Before you can remove a tree, it must be trimmed to ensure that its trajectory will not cause harm during or after trimming occurs. And afterwards, one needs to take care of removing stumps.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Stump removal or stump grinding are two methods to remove the stump. Additionally, a chainsaw artist can sometimes turn your stump into a beautiful work of art!

But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

The stump can be removed by digging it up and using a saw to cut through the root system, and sometimes you may need to use an excavator for stumps that have grown into rock or concrete, this is stump removal.

Stump removal, or maybe better said, stump elimination can also be accomplished by starting a fire with oil, gas, or diesel. An option that we do not recommend!

Stump grinding however provides many benefits over stump removal.

Stump grinding is an environmentally responsible way to eliminate unsightly tree stumps, while also removing the risk of fire. 

Grinding stumps involves using a hydraulic chipper or grinder, which will grind them into small pieces of wood that can be used as mulch in gardens or around trees.

Stump grinders reduce ugly and dangerous looking roots and stumps from your yard without any negative side effects!

If you need help deciding between stump grinding and tree removal, here’s something to consider: Stump grinding can be completed faster than removing a tree.

The Chainsaw Artist

Chainsaw carving is a fast-growing style of art that blends contemporary chainsaw technology with traditional woodcarving techniques. These master carvers use the precision and power inherent in these tools to produce intricate, three dimensional sculptures from logs, large blocks of tree trunks, or stumps.

Should you choose a professional for your project?

There are many reasons you should choose a professional for your project – here we’ve outlined the top three.

  1. They have experience, which means they can do what needs to be done fast and efficiently
  2. The work will likely look better because of how experienced they are with what needs to be done
  3. A tree service company is typically local, so you are supporting local business!

Types of Tree Service Providers

Tree service providers will usually come in one of two forms: a tree care company or an individual.

Individuals are people who either have experience doing this kind of work, or not much more than their chainsaw and a truck with their name on it. 

Other than a Certified Arborist and a nineteen year old with a chainsaw, discussing the different tree service care providers is kind of splitting hairs.

“Arborists” need at least three years of work experience in a tree care company, nursery, landscape company, etc. and the ability to pass a certification test. Many tree service providers have been working with trees for much longer than that, and for whatever reason just haven’t taken the certification test.

If you are environmentally concerned, (which we hope you are!) get creative in asking questions to hear the service providers’ true care for the earth before hiring because—passing tests and having heart are two different things.

Beyond that, here’s are a few of the specific tree service providers around:

  • Arborist – Tree services for the public and private sector
  • Utility Arborist – The tree service of choice when it comes to utility line clearance work
  • Municipal Arborist – Tree service that deals with trees and their management in a municipal setting
  • Landscape Arborist – Professional landscaping company, specializing in arboriculture (tree care)
  • Forestry Services Company- Provides forestry services such as forest management, timber harvesting, fire suppression, wildlife habitat enhancement and more

Final Thoughts

A professional tree service provider will be able to provide a range of services that could include everything from pruning branches and removing dead trees, to providing emergency storm clean up. 

Choosing the right company for your needs can save you money in both time and resources down the line, so it is worth doing some research before making any decisions about which type of service you need.

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